Friday, April 3, 2009

One Post About Two Cohens

In my last post, I completely forgot about Sacha Baron Cohen's film Bruno, which will make this the third film based on a character from The Ali G show. The preview looks goddamn hilarious, and can be found here:

Also, I've been mentally preparing myself for next week's Leonard Cohen concert by listening to every single album of his over and over. This may sound ordinary, except that I've never been a Cohen fan and bought the tickets because my girlfriend LOVES him. Prior to this barrage of Cohen, I'd only heard a few of his songs and thought they were pretty good. The only album I had of his was the much-hated Spector collaboration Death of a Ladies' Man, which I liked mainly because I'm a Spector fan, though the songs were pretty good. Anyhow, I basically put all of his albums on one MP3 CD and have played it continuously for three weeks now. I can't say that I love his music, but I have found many songs that I have enjoyed immensely. Plus, concerts are infinitely more enjoyable when you know the songs that are played, so by making myself familiar with his work, I'll enjoy it much more than I would have otherwise.

I have done this experiment before, where I listen to (or attempt to listen to) every single studio album a musician has pumped out. I tried it with Frank Zappa but stopped when I hit his late 70s stuff because it got extremely obnoxious and unbearable. Aside from that, I want to do this with more musicians. I think this is a great way to absorb an artist as a whole, and I have a ton of respect for Cohen after hearing how his music has changed over the years. When listened to chronologically, the I'm Your Man album is a VERY jarring experience. I think that this works best with artists that you feel indifferent about, that way the constant barrage of music will force an opinion out of you. Next up on my plate is Bruce Springsteen, someone who I think is pretty good, but don't really have anything else to say about him.

Of course, I'd love to spend a month listening to the music of an "artist" that I fucking hate, just to see if my bias holds water. I've entertained the idea of doing a Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson marathon, but I don't know if I have the courage for that yet. Maybe another musician widely considered to be crap would also work equally well. Not anything "ironic" bad or "bad but with artistic merit," I'm talking about total fucking CRAP. I'm still debating on it though.

By the way, anyone wondering how to get all of these albums legally, here's your answer: Your local public library. Libraries are the original peer-to-peer file sharing networks, and the Orange County and Los Angeles County public library systems will let you check out CDs and DVDs for free. There may be a small 25 cent request fee, but that's peanuts. Libraries are a fucking AMAZING asset, and now that the economy's in the shitter, more people are figuring that out. Use them, folks. That's what they're there for.

Anyhow, any music suggestions for total bombardment?


Juliet Cocker said...

suggestions for bombardment... i would like to recommend anythign by offspring- aRRRRRG! i don't understand how this band manages to go on tour with releasing new albums that all sound EXACTLY the same! if you've heard one offspring song- you've heard them all!!! they all measure equal in the shit meter. actually roland- you know i love you much to much to put you thru that- scratch offspring off the list... unless you want to know how jumping out a high story window feels like....while screaming, "offspring suuuuuuuuucks!!!"

cherrybomb said...

You really need to write more Roland Saint-Laurent...I've told you countless of times what a genius you are...I will make more use of my library when you make more use of your talent :)

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