Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OK Kids, Gather 'Round, It's Storytime!!!

Really Scott? The next Bobby Kennedy? This guy is the biggest fucking dork I've ever seen take the political stage. Christ, I don't even talk this way to my storytime kids. This douche makes Rick Moranis look like Vin Diesel. It sounds like he's about to say "Garsh!" before each sentence. I love when "important" people eat it in front of millions, so this clip was pure gold in entertainment value. Even Fox News said this was crap. Yes, FOX NEWS.

Jim Goad said he "looks like Gilligan dipped in iodine." Someone on The Daily Dish said, "That was like watching Will Smith vs. Urkle." Some guy named "Ace" said, "I don't care how much of a star Jindal is, America doesn't elect somewhat-off dorks as president."

Since Obama is also a dork, I'm looking forward to the jock/bro reaction to an Obama/Jindal showdown in 2012.

By the way, to ensure everyone that I'm fair...Obama also blows, and I'm glad I didn't vote for him or that bulldog-looking geezer and his daughter.


Scott Douglas said...

i said that before i saw him speak...i said he looked like Bobby Kennedy. I was right about one thing...did I, or did I not, tell you this was the guy republicans would be pushing in 2012. i also still firmly believe if he would have ran as McCain's VP choice he would have had a better chance at winning (still would have lost, but the margins would not have been as huge).

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