Monday, June 16, 2008

ChaCha, a Retraction

I wrote a blog defending the text-answering service ChaCha awhile back, and I have to say that my ass has been handed to ChaCha. I haven't used it as much as I did when I first found out about it, but the last few questions I have asked it have been answered with shit that was completely irrelevant or wrong. Even a question that my coworker Scott asked awhile back about a train rate in the 50s which no one was able to answer was easily answerable by a quick Google search that I did on a whim. The worst was what happened today. I was running some errands and decided to text ChaCha asking if the new Beck CD was out, because I heard a month ago that it was coming out in June and I wanted to buy it. The answer? "It came out last week." Well, I went to Best Buy, and they said that it doesn't come out until June 24. I come home and do a quick search on the internet, and find out that it doesn't come out until July 8th. So both ChaCha and Best Buy as "staffed" by incompetent jerk offs. Come on, you assholes. Get on the fucking ball! Most ChaCha twats answer questions by using the internet. Since I was able to get the answers to my own questions immediately by doing the barest of internet searches, I have to wonder what kind of retards are getting hired to work for this service. I know that it's a free service and that I should expect next to nothing, but not too long ago, they DID answer my questions correctly and accurately. They need a much better screening process than the one they have now.

The moral of the story? If you're in a bind and need a quick answer, by all means try ChaCha. Just be aware that now your questions will be answered by dumb asses who can't figure out the complexities of a Google search.


Toni said...

I'm glad to read about your experience with ChaCha. I wonder what source they used: did you check the link at the bottom of the message?

Do you know if you can leave feedback about the guide who gave you the answer?

Roland Saint-Laurent said...

I just checked the source they's basically just some random music review site. Interesting that they chose that site rather than Amazon or another site that actually sells the albums.

Thanks for letting me know about the option of leaving feedback. Now if only I had saved every wrong answer they sent me!